• LIVE Barre Bootcamp: Sliders & Weights

    Join Brooke on this LIVE recording of an intermediate level full-body Barre Sculpt class.

  • LIVE Sass & Strut: Let's Move It!

    Do you want to live/dance with more confidence? Our sensual dance fitness-based class is designed for the "everyday woman" and focuses on learning how to infuse your own sexy style into choreography. Learn mesmerizing movement and how to add elements of eye contact, body direction, and music inte...

  • LIVE Barre Sculpt: Come As You Are

    No-prop Full Body, Strength Conditioning, Cardio, and Mindfulness.

  • Live HIIT Beats: Get Pumped

    HIIT it to the music, focusing on your core.


    5 seasons

    “You already have a ‘summer’ body…”

    If your body exists in the summer, then congrats! You already have a “summer” body! But is your body ready to keep up with all the summer fun? Join us for the month of June while we get our already bikini-ready bodies prepared for all of our favorite summer ac...