• LIVE Fit Booty Abs

    Let's work on some booty and abs in this LIVE work out with Ashley!

  • LIVE BUDIKA: Joyful Movement

    Come break a sweat in this LIVE BUDIKA work out!

  • Yoga Sculpt: Full Body Flow

    If you're looking for a mix of yoga and cardio, join Jessica on this yoga sculpt class.

  • LIVE COREcentric: Core Cardio

    Get in touch with your core with Elease's LIVE core cardio workout.

  • Barre Flow: Series

    Join Skylar on a fun barre flow workout!

  • Hoops: Full Body Fun

    Join Krista on a 50-minute hoop fitness and flow class. This is an aerobic hoop fitness workout. All levels are welcomed!

  • LIVE Barre & Deep Stretch: All Levels Welcome

    Join Skylar on a LIVE barre and deep stretch. Don't be shy! All levels are welcomed!


    5 seasons

    “You already have a ‘summer’ body…”

    If your body exists in the summer, then congrats! You already have a “summer” body! But is your body ready to keep up with all the summer fun? Join us for the month of June while we get our already bikini-ready bodies prepared for all of our favorite summer ac...